When working with Nationwide Equipment Transportation Inc., you’re placing your shipment in the hands of equipment shipping specialists of 15 years. We’re here to communicate with you every step of the way via our NETQUOTE app, phone, email or text.


Less-than-truckload shipping benefits the shipper by sharing the full capacity of a truck when a full truckload isn’t necessary. This method is typically more cost-effective, reliable and efficient for all parties. 


  • LTL shipments usually include
  • Freight that is larger than a parcel shipment, but smaller than a truckload.
  • Crated or palletized for risk protection.
  • Can require a longer transit period due to shared payload destinations. 


  • What makes us stand out?


  • Reliability: Verify pickup and deliver on every shipment
  • Coverage: Nationwide and regional carriers

Speed: Many one and two day lanes with our various carriers